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What is so good about Functional Skills?

Having the ability to use English, Maths and ICT skills in practical contexts to suit different situations means that Functional Skills underpin every single aspect of learning, work and life. What’s more, employers are crying out for workers with sound Functional Skills - they are essential skills that are genuinely in demand. With good Functional Skills your students will have the ability to draw on a bank of transferable skills to help them succeed in all areas of life.

Why do Functional Skills?

  • Your students need them.
  • Your students need them.
  • Each Functional Skills qualification is worth 23 attainment points at Level 2, making Functional Skills at Level 2 the equivalent of half a GCSE in SCAAT points.
  • Students enjoy seeing how skills they learn in the classroom have genuine application in life, work and school.
  • You are almost certainly teaching them anyway (if you’re teaching GCSE English or maths they are a vital component of the 2010 specifications).
  • They give you the freedom to link skills to real-life.

Any drawbacks?

You can’t teach to the test - students can’t revise in a traditional sense. Instead, they need to learn and then practise, practise, practise the skills until they are completely secure – which is why it is really important to enter students for stand-alone examinations at the right level.

The good news

Students respond particularly well to Functional Skills’ problem-solving approach. You can tailor content to student need and interest. For subjects other than Maths, English and ICT you can use case studies and projects to show how your own subject has real-life application.

Here to help

The purpose of functionalskills.com is to provide you and your students with information, advice and hints and tips to give you the best possible chance of passing Functional Skills assessments and to help you embrace the Functional Skills ethos. We aim to do this by:

  • giving you access to Functional Skills experts for you to ask any burning questions
  • debunking myths about Functional Skills
  • providing you with free Functional English, Functional Maths and Functional ICT resources to use with your students
  • offering suggestions and advice on how to devise your own resources
  • helping you deal with Entry Levels
  • giving you clear advice from examiners.

I hope you find the site useful, if you have any questions please contact us.


Jayne Garner

Functional Skills Chief Examiner
MEd (Literacy), PGCE, Dip SpLD, AMBDA