Devising your own resources

Topic ideas

The great thing about devising your own resources for Functional Skills is that, to start with, you can devise resources that you know will appeal to your learners. For example, I recently prepared some great motivational maths resources for a set of boys who are mad about motorsports.

Of course, once you get to Levels 1 and 2 students will need to demonstrate that they can cope with topics with which they are less familiar. If you have been using resources that your learners really relate to in the first place, the task of building, applying and mastering Functional Skills will become a good deal easier.

This list of topic suggestions is just a starting point. With simplification (see the page about Dealing with Entry Levels) can you make that a link please you could use resources based on these topics across the three subject areas of English, Mathematics and ICT, as well as across the levels from Entry Level to Level 2.

  • Applying for a job
  • Budgeting – running a home
  • Choosing a mobile phone
  • Climate change
  • Cooking a meal
  • Cost of running a car or motorbike
  • Current affairs
  • DIY
  • Energy efficiency
  • Food safety
  • Getting a loan
  • Going on holiday
  • Learning to drive
  • Online/computer games
  • Organising a day out
  • Organising a party
  • Planning a journey
  • Shopping online
  • Tax and wages
  • Using make-up

Resources for Maths and ICT

For Maths and ICT assessments awarding bodies must ensure that the reading demand of the tests is at least one level below the level being tested. So, for example, if you’re preparing students for Level 1 Maths, the reading content of the assessment will be at Entry Level 3 or below. When creating your own resources for Maths or ICT Functional Skills lessons do check that the English demand of your resources is at least one level below the one at which you are are teaching.